Bath and Welly

Well, this is my first post.

I didn’t travel very far. I didn’t even take my Vespa. This is my hood. I’ve never really explored it and I didn’t really this time. I just need to start getting something up here.

I’m thinking about the purpose of this blog. Really, there is no purpose. I don’t care if anyone reads it and I expect not many will. Basically, I ride my Vespa exploring the city anyway so what better way to make it purposeful then to write about it? Having a purpose is always a good thing.

So what is this? Well it’s not another food blog. I also have no desire to make this a self-serving rant of my beliefs, ideals, agenda blaa blaa blaa. No one wants to read that… frankly no one wants to read this. I guess I just hope I can write, take some pictures and show how amazing I think this city is.

Ok, so Bathurst and Wellington.

First off Coffee. Thor Espresso Bar. They have this really amazing espresso machine that has beautiful walnut handles. I read somewhere that they spent $16,000 on it.

I ordered a macchiato and it was as good as my old haunt Manic Coffee though didn’t have the hang out, stay for a while atmosphere that Manic did. I think maybe they should have spent some of that $16,000 on more space and some lounge chairs.

Bathurst and Wellington is sort of mid-land between King and Front with a bunch of seemingly random but really good places. You’ve got one of the best clothing stores for men, Gotstyle. I bought an awesome hat there a couple months ago but I now realize it makes me look like one of those guys who discusses left-wing politics.

There’s a third outlet of The Drake Hotel’s gift shop, The General Store where you can buy some pretty awesome gifts that you can’t get anywhere else in the city (that I know of) like this super awesome portable ping-pong set ($20) that I bought.

The biggest deal about Bathurst and Wellington is The Thompson Hotel. Truth-be-told I’ve never been to the Thompson Hotel. Mostly because I’m not a douchebag I’ve never been invited and you can’t just go to the Thompson Hotel, you have to know someone staying there or be staying there yourself. I’m sure it’s fun though, right?

I have been to two of it’s restaurants. The Counter and Wabora. I thought The Counter was kinda lame. Most people’s Moms can do better Mac n’ Cheese and the fried chicken was not fried chicken, it was chicken nuggets. There’s a difference. Fried chicken has bones. Nuggets or fingers do not. Bottom line, don’t try and tell me any different. On the plus side it’s open 24hours and at 3am, I usually don’t really care what I’m eating.

Wabora is a new addition to the already far too many Sushi restaurants in Toronto. I’m not complaining though cause if there was one food I could eat everyday, all the time, it’s sushi. I went there with a Groupon (or was it Deal Find) $30 for $65 worth of food deally. Two of us ate our weight in maki (which is pretty good for $65) and found the rolls inventive and yummy. I’d go back… if another coupon comes along.

So, I’m thinking this is already kinda long for a post about a street corner. There are actually even more places to visit at this crossroad like Ross Mayer , which I think is a clothing store for women (hence why I don’t know) and there’s the mainstay duplication facility Accudub where you can get CD, DVD and cassette(!!!) duplication. In fact long time owner and all around nice guy Frank says cassette duplication is up 100% from last year. Crazy indie rockers!

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5 Responses to Bath and Welly

  1. Billie Mintz says:

    I been to Thompson and the Counter many times. they have an awesome Montreal smoked meat sandwich on caraway rye – grilled to perfection. their turkey burger is pretty awesome. its a cool joint and we need more stuff like this in the city – open 24 hours – Lakeview has pretty good wings

  2. Ricki Mintz says:

    a good read, Noah. Next stop, Toronto Life.

  3. Dyniss says:

    Okay you made me click on one of your links (Gotstyle). Cool-looking store, should visit! (See, your blog affected something/somebody already.)

  4. Ron Mintz says:

    Although I don’t do facebook, I will definitely tune into!
    It’s amazing!
    I can’t wait for more: “Views from my Vespa”! [Or not from my vespa]

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