Analog, digital or vinyl. Reveal the ‘soul’ of the record.

Our Studios
Built For Mastering And Nothing Else

Home to Phil Demetro and Maeghan Ritchat and named after former Lacquer Channel owner, Doug Moncrieff. Designed by Group One Acoustics, features customized mastering gear by Sontec, Focusrite, Dangerous Music, API, Neumann, Neve, Smart Research, Manley Labs, Lavry, Prism & B&W

Home to Noah Mintz and Sage Kim and named after former Lacquer Channel owner and Chief Engineer, George Graves. Designed by Group One Acoustics, features customized mastering gear by Sontec, GML Dangerous Music, SPL, Dave Hill Designs, Neve, ITI, Manley Labs, dCS, Dolby, Ampex, Muth Designs, Sonic Farm, Crookwood & Weiss

Studio C: Vinyl

Home to Kevin Park, lacquer mastering is the final stage of the mastering process and the first stage of the vinyl manufacturing process. We offer the highest quality Lacquer cuts using our Neumann VMS70 with Zuma Cutting Computer and a SX74 cutter head. The Lacquer Suite is UAD Apollo powered courtsey of HHB Canada and UAD

The best of analog & digital since 1974


Lacquer Channel Mastering has it’s mid-1970s roots in Toronto’s Yorkville and Scarborough areas. The studio was started with a idea that world-class mastering can be achieved in Canada and we’ve maintained that philosophy. Using the best analog and digital gear in purpose built studios, all three of our senior engineers each have 20+ years of experience. We still believe in analog and vinyl. We treat every mastering job like it’s our own music. Mastering is all we do. It’s what we care about most.


Our Mastering Engineers

With a over a century of combined experience, our dedicated mastering engineers are world-class.

Senior Mastering Engineer
Senior Mastering Engineer
Chief Cutting Engineer
Mastering engineer
Mastering Engineer
George Graves
Chief Mastering Engineer Emeritus

Selected Discography

Just a few of the 1000s of album we’ve mastered in the past 40+ years.

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We are a dedicated purpose-built mastering facility.

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